See what patients have to say about how Federico's holistic process has helped them

"I suffered from chronic headaches for years. I was desperate, taking at least 5 aspirin every week. I went to see Federico and he asked me a lot of questions about myself. I have a history with drug addiction -- and when I stopped using, the headaches began. I was always irritated and my temper was very short. He gave me a remedy and the situation improved suddenly but then headaches came back after a month. He then gave me the same remedy again and I was amazed. No more headaches!"

- Raffaella, 30 years old, Italy (translated from Italian)

"I had a sciatica, which had lasted for six years. I could no longer work. At the end of a consultation with Federico, he gave me some small white pellets to put under my tongue.  I thought it was so strange. The next day I felt terrible. The pain had increased a lot. But then I slowly began to improve and in the end I felt better than I had in years. The pain was gone and now, after many years, it has passed completely. I consider it a miracle, but he says that it is homeopathy."

Ezequiel, 54, Jijoca (Ceara) Brazil (translated from Portuguese)

"I wanted so much to have a child and I could not. One day I had strong pains in my stomach without understanding what it was. I called Federico who asked me a lot of questions. He gave me a remedy and a few days later my body was full of blisters, especially on my thighs and belly.  I called Federico again to know what to do. I was worried. He asked me: 'But have you already had these boils in the past? Perhaps the doctor told you to put an ointment on them right?' I was shocked: How could he know? It was true. He told me to continue the remedy he had given me, and it would disappear – pains and blisters. He healed me from those pains and finally after two months I was able to get pregnant. Thank you Federico."

Loide, 32, Jijoca (Ceara) Brazil (translated from Portuguese)

"I met Federico first as a colleague and then as a homeopath because he helped me from the therapeutic point of view. He is a great homeopath, with a great knowledge of the theoretical bases of all acute and chronic remedies. He has studied the matter for decades and does so with a passion for the practice that I have encountered only rarely.  He is also driven to practice homeopathy by an intense desire to help others, and so he does so with great humanity and a big heart. His personal qualities and expertise form a unique mix, and I would recommend everyone to turn to a professional like him."

Dr. Sara Diani, Bologna, Italy

"I tried homeopathic treatment for the first time with Federico for anxiety and insomnia. The first couple of weeks the sensations of anxiety were more intense, which Federico told me it would be, but then, continuing with the therapy, I managed to regain both serenity and sleep. Federico is genuinely concerned about the well-being of his patients and he takes a lot of time getting to know you first in order to find the perfect remedy for you." 

- J.R., 41 years old, France